Creamil character art
"Ugh, Minero's such a troublemaker."
Basic Info
Gender Female
Species Yeti Crab
Nicknames None
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies Exercising, baking
Likes Sweet Things
Dislikes Bitter Things
Height 155 cm. (5'0")
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gray
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

Creamil is a supporting character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. She is always seen in a group with Minero, Rimorimo and Tomoshibi, and constantly insults Minero's lack of judgement.


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 Creamil has white hair, pulled up in long ponytails, with hair ornaments to keep them up. She has gray eyes with white pupils. She also has a seemingly smug look.

Creamil wears a puffy dress most likely made of a soft material. The neck of the dress is made of a puffy soft white material, as is the lower sleeve, lower dress, and boots. The abdominal area of the dress is gray with four buttons, and the gray overlaps the left side of the dress.

The sleeves are composed of mainly two parts. The top part, coming out of the neck area, is a more close-fitting fabric, with thin striped running north to south. This part of the sleeve is a more darker gray. The bottom half of the sleeve is made of the same material as the neck and boots, as said, a softer white material.

The bottom part of the dress is where the gray part leads to the white material, as stated before, is made of the same material as the boots and bottom-half of the sleeve. The dress is very full, and puffy.

Finally, the boots are much like the sleeves. The top is most likely made of the same fabric as the top part of the sleeve; A close-fitting, dark-grey, thin striped style. The boots themselves run to the knee, and are most likely made of the same material as the sleeves and neck.


Creamil is perhaps the most 'normal' one of her group. She is very distrustful of Minero when they are treasure hunting, seeing as the latter always gets them lost or into trouble in some way. She enjoys exercising, baking, and sweet things. Creamil is a good person at heart and she cares for her friends.





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