Old Character Art
Basic Info
Gender Male
Species Shark (deceased)
Nicknames None
Relatives Samekichi and Sal (Sons)
Hobbies None
Likes None
Dislikes Seaweed
Height 186 cm. (6'1")
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Black
Manga Debut Appearance Unknown
Appearances in Other Mogeko Works None

Old is a supporting character in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is a servant of the Sea of Death and a former familiar of Meikai.


Tumblr inline n4vdk6My0j1rgsnbs

Old is quite similar to Samekichi, but has a much darker color scheme. He has long black hair tied back with a ponytail with a black dorsal fin on his head.

He wears a long coat with a fur-lined hood over his shoulders with a black tie and dark grey dress shirt underneath. He wears black pants and boots.

His tail is black and badly scarred. He has two scars over his left eye in the shape of an "X," and one over his right eye.


Not much is known about Old. It is shown that he is slightly sadistic and likes to fight. He is determined to get revenge on Tatsumiya for disfiguring his face and leaving scars.


Name HP MP Attack Defense Mind Agility EXP Money
Old 500 9999 100 100 100 10 1700 10000


  • Old is the tallest character in the game. 
  • Revealed in one of Mogeko's OMAKEs, it has stated that Old is Samekichi and Sal's father. Simply translated to "He's Samekichi and Syake's father, but no one knows this (Not even Old)." 


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