Block userEdit

Wouldn't it be a good idea to block and I mean, both of them continue vandalizing the wikia over and over.


ah well i believe it's up to dynaxor to decide what to do about them, they are the founder after all (oh pardon dynaxor i remember reading you are genderqueer, what are your preferred pronouns??)

if they make any more unneeded edits after being told to stop (i remember reading somewhere in the wiki activity someone asked them to), then i guess they should be

.....zzzzz (talk) 03:44, June 19, 2014 (UTC)

character artEdit

so i found out about mogeko's main website a week or so ago and her character section, and have been since considering changing the infobox pictures to the art she has in that section, sourcing it of course. they're much more detailed than the talk sprites and show full-body images of the characters instead of just a head and torso, and the talk sprites could be moved to the gameplay/history section (which should be used, speaking of which??).

but there's a problem with this-- i've looked and looked, and there seems to be no character art for sheep or meikai on mogeko's website, unless i missed them, and maybe even others i didn't notice, meaning there wouldn't be anything to put in for them.

should we stick with using the talk sprites as infobox pictures or change the ones we can to mogeko's character art, leaving the few without art with talk sprites as infobox pictures??

.....zzzzz (talk) 02:15, June 29, 2014 (UTC)


Since Mogeko does not authorize unpermitted reprinting of their works, all artwork from their website and/or edited artwork to be transparent must be removed from all character pages, and the wiki itself until permission to post it is given (if ever). 

I apologize for any inconviences this may create, but please comply with Mogeko's wishes and remove any related content you may have posted as soon as possible.

Info regarding their artworks can be found here .

.....zzzzz (talk) 03:17, September 22, 2014 (UTC)


I would like to change our font to this-

Is this alright, and would anyone want the font to stay the same?

.....zzzzz (talk) 03:23, July 26, 2015 (UTC)

admins wanted!Edit

if you're interested in becoming an admin or a bureaucrat, please send a message to my page. i currently don't have the power to add anyone, but i'm talking with the founder to get bueraucrat privileges, and it would be nice to have other people working on the wiki appearance-wise. 

the wiki's also in need of some sort of editing/blocking/etc. policies, and if you're interested in becoming an admin, i would like assistance making some. making them myself is wrong, since this wiki is a community, and everyone deserves a say in what they should be.

.....zzzzz (talk) 20:47, September 12, 2015 (UTC)

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