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This is the third part of the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea walkthrough.

This part explains the conflict with the Tosatsu Kingdom in more detail and introduces Wadanohara's new task, as well as introducing the inhabitants of the castle and the princess of the Sea Kingdom to the player.

There are no major spoilers to this part. 

There are no trigger warnings for this part.


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No items are found this part.


Wadanohara is seen standing in front of a mirror in her house, saying she couldn’t get much sleep but tries to tell herself to stay positive before the player is allowed to move. Go downstairs; Memoca, Dolphi and Fukami are sitting together around a table.

Wadanohara greets them and they greet her before Wadanohara says they’ll be visiting the castle, Memoca naming the castle Sea God Castle and mentioning the unknown princess’ creepy gaze. The three join the player’s party. Exit Wadanohara’s house.

Outside, Wadanohara sees Chlomaki and Lobco standing nearby, Lobco in her human form for the first time in the game and Chlomaki saying how she doesn’t like water. Wadanohara approaches them and tells them they’ll be going to Sea God Castle, Chlomaki asking if they could come along and Wadanohara saying it would be fine. Chlomaki and Lobco join your party, though they aren’t shown on the menu.

Travel down the path leading south out of town. All sorts of sea creatures will be lining the path- they are all enemies. 

Squid, Sea Serpents, Clione and Spiral Shells each come in groups of three and have around 90 health each. 

At the fork in the road, go left- the game doesn’t allow the player to go the other way yet. There is a large building with a shining orb above it seen in the distance- this is Sea God Castle. Continue left, then at the intersection, go north, as the game doesn’t allow the player to take the west or south path. You pass over a bridge before standing before Sea God Castle.

Wadanohara announces they have arrived and Chlomaki asks about the shining orb above the castle; Wadanohara explains it is the Cast Pearl, and that it protects their sea, though Lobco mentions she told Chlomaki this some time ago. You enter the castle.

In the castle, there are five floors, and there are two rooms the player can enter on each (besides the floor the princess is on); though it isn’t necessary to go in each and talk to the people/fish, they do talk to the player, and some people hide behind visibly cracked-open doorways.

After reaching the final floor, go through all sets of sliding doors; on the other side of the final doors, Wadanohara approaches the princess and her advisors, including Pulmo, Helica, and two other new characters. The princess sits by herself, on an entire different platform than the others. The princess is introduced as Princess Uomi, the person standing to the left of Uomi as Tatsumiya, and the white shark as Sal. The four welcome her, and the fish on Uomi’s head, named Jiiya, says the princess welcomes her back as well. Wadanohara asks if Tatsumiya is okay, Tatsumiya saying she is. Helica says that since the incident with her, the enemies have been more persistent. They all talk of being guilty of making Wadanohara do something, Wadanohara saying not to worry. 

Jiiya begins to talk about the situation at hand, how the Tosatsu Kingdom has been aggressing the Sea Kingdom; they only become more persistent and should be stopped, as the Princess wishes to avoid war, Wadanohara agreeing. Jiiya goes on to say it the will of Wadanohara’s father, not just the Princess, and everyone remains silent.

Jiiya finally reveals what it is that Wadanohara has been asked to do: repair a barrier to repel attacks from the Tosatsu Kingdom.

The screen fades to black briefly before the player is allowed to move; it isn’t necessary to speak to everyone, go ahead and leave the room.

Outside, the six congregate, Chlomaki asking about the Tosatsu Kingdom. Before Wadanohara can answer, Tatsumiya enters from the throne room, saying she can explain. She goes on to say the Tosatsu Kingdom from a distant land and their kingdom is beginning to enter into a state of war with them. The second cutscene begins, a picture of what appears to be a silhouetted person with rabbit ears appears.

Tatsumiya continues, saying they have been at conflict with the Tosatsu Kingdom long, but they attack only their kingdom. Since the Sea Kingdom doesn’t want want war, they wish to resolve it through conversation, but the Tosatsu Kingdom refused to do so. Memoca mentions visiting the kingdom herself and seeing a lot of savages, Wadanohara explaining she’s not from the sea. Tatsumiya, continuing, says there’s a rumor that they employed demons, Fukami explaining to Dolphi they’re powerful, evil creatures. Tatsumiya then goes to explain the barrier protecting their sea and that the Tosatsu Kingdom can’t invade theirs when it’s around, further suggesting the Tosatsu Kingdom isn’t in the sea. She then explains these barriers have been destroyed by unknown means, and believes the Tosatsu Kingdom is to blame. However, only few in the Sea Kingdom know where the barrier points are, and so it is thought there is a traitor amidst the few; this traitor is believed to be Samekichi. Tatsumiya thinks his reasoning is not because he wished to betray the Sea Kingdom, but to betray Princess Uomi. She says “we” are attempting to find him, implying the ones that serve the princess. The cutscene ends.

Continuing, Tatsumiya says how if someone from the Tosatsu Kingdom not take her by surprise and poison her (limiting her magic capabilities), she’d be able to improve the situation, and that part of the barrier was destroyed when she was poisoned. After Chlomaki questions the strength of the barrier, Tatsumiya confirms the barrier is near-impossible to destroy. She continues, saying the barrier was made by the Great Sorcerer, aka Wadanohara’s father. 

The player is now free to move around. Leave the castle.

It is optional to speak to the three outside the throne room; Tatsumiya goes to say while she trusts Chlomaki with the information she told her, she wishes Chlomaki keep it secret. If you speak to Lobco, she mentions how everyone appeared to miss Wadanohara and not her, Wadanohara denying this and Chlomaki only taunting Lobco by calling her “shrimpy”.

Once you have exited the castle and walked off-screen from the doors, Wadanohara tells her familiars to get ready to leave, as they are going to go fix the six barrier points, three in the sea and three on islands. She explain while only a couple broke, all of them cracked, and it will be a long trip.

Tatsumiya comes from behind and speaks to Wadanohara, asking if she had grown, and saying she’s giving her new clothes. Wadanohara flashes a blue aura before the screen turns white.

After the screen returns to normal, it is obvious Wadanohara’s walk sprite has changed clothes; her talk sprite has changed clothes as well. A cutscene begins, showing Wadanohara’s new clothes in detail. Her familiars, Lobco, and Chlomaki complement her new clothes; Wadanohara thanks Tatsumiya.

The screen goes up, showing Sea God Castle and the Cast Pearl before cutting to Samekichi, talking sourly about how someone thinks everything’s going to go their way. The player may assume he is talking about Wadanohara, but this may not be the case.


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