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  • Tomoshibi

    Recently, I have removed all (pixel) artwork from the Wadanohara wiki character pages, and meant to from the Mogeko Castle wiki as well-- I would like to explain why.

    Until a couple weeks or so ago, I had been paying no heed to Mogeko's (the creator of both mentioned games) guidelines concerning their artwork; that is, I posted their works to the wiki without asking their permission, thinking just sourcing it back to their website would be fine. This, and have allowed others to post edits of talk sprites to the wiki en masse. This is unacceptable, as it goes against Mogeko's wishes, and is illegal. I took down the character art knowing this.

    However, with some assistance, I have gained permission to post art to the wikis with the following t…

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  • Tomoshibi


    June 10, 2014 by Tomoshibi

    Hi! I noticed that there's much to be done about this wiki, and have already made a draft-ish character page for Tomoshibi (my favorite character in the game, as it might be obvious). There's still many characters from the game that don't have their own pages yet, and I intend to make some that at least have an info box on them that include info from the bonus room bios. I don't want to seem pushy or domineering, so if there's anything I'm doing that's worrisome to you or others, please let me know!


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