Recently, I have removed all (pixel) artwork from the Wadanohara wiki character pages, and meant to from the Mogeko Castle wiki as well-- I would like to explain why.

Until a couple weeks or so ago, I had been paying no heed to Mogeko's (the creator of both mentioned games) guidelines concerning their artwork; that is, I posted their works to the wiki without asking their permission, thinking just sourcing it back to their website would be fine. This, and have allowed others to post edits of talk sprites to the wiki en masse. This is unacceptable, as it goes against Mogeko's wishes, and is illegal. I took down the character art knowing this.

However, with some assistance, I have gained permission to post art to the wikis with the following terms:

  • The art must only be used to improve character page quality.
  • As for edited talk sprites, they are fine as well, as long as the wiki isn't used as storage for them.

Saying this, I have noticed many, many talk sprites have been uploaded to the Wadanohara wiki, besides the ones I originally posted to go on character pages. It would be appreciated if the people that posted them would take them down as soon as possible; one sprite per character can remain, but only to go in each character's galleries. I will try to message anyone I believe posted character sprites individually.

'It's necessary for the sprites to be removed before October 31st; if any remain, I will remove them myself. '(Dynaxor, I hope this is alright.)

I apologize for any inconviences this has caused, and you can view some of Mogeko's wishes concerning their works (translated to English) here .

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