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This is the seventh part of the Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea walkthrough.

In this part, Wadanohara finishes repairing all barrier moonstones, and Minero and friends are in need of help.

There are no major spoilers in this part.

There are no trigger warnings for this part.


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Items Found in this Part
Nachos Morning Stars Abalones
Health Candies Spiked Shields Chili Peppers
Spell Candies Awesome Auras Chainsaws


Minero, Creamil, Rimorimo and Tomoshibi are next seen in the Sea of Stars, Minero leading the others to where she believes the treasure chest they are searching for is (based on intuition). The others disagree that what they are seeking is not the way they are going, Minero offended by this. After continuing onwards into the Sea of Stars, the screen fades out.

Wadanohara is seen standing at the top of the stairs leading into the cave. Return to Deepsea Town by exiting Coral Path, taking paths going right.

Near the end of the path, Pulmo will be seen with three other jellyfish. Pulmo notices Wadanohara and asks her about the stone reparation, Wadanohara saying there were no problems. Pulmo asks about the four who always hang around Coral Sea, meaning Minero, Creamil, Rimorimo and Tomoshibi, and explains she hasn’t seen them where they normally are. Memoca suggests they’re on a walk, but Pulmo ignores this and says it probably isn’t anything. She says goodbye to Wadanohara and leaves, saying she has to return to patrol, Memoca asking why she was here after she’s gone.

Keep walking to Deepsea Town through Coral Sea. When exiting Coral Sea, the screen fades out.

The four are seen in the center of Deepsea Town. Before Wadanohara can decide which barrier stone they will travel to next, Minero yells and crashes into Memoca, saying something about “weird guys” and in hysterics. Wadanohara asks what happened to “the guys”, Minero saying to follow her and help. She runs off in the direction of the Sea of Stars. Follow her; there are Starfish in the road.

When at a divide in the path, continue right. To get to the four, go down the second path going south. (the area surrounded by decorated pine trees is not available for the player to visit yet), then take the first path going right. There is a Healer outside the area the four are.

(Note: Not sure why there are pine trees underwater, but there are.)

If you go down the first path going south, there is a treasure chest with nachos to be equipped inside. The second treasure chest visible when standing beside the Healer can not be reached at the moment.

When entering the next area, Minero, Creamil, Rimorimo and Tomoshibi are seen surrounded by Tosatsu Soldiers. After Wadanohara asks if they are alright, the Soldiers notice the other four and when Wadanohara asks what their motive is, they respond with a series of “buns”.  They then attack; battle them.

After defeating them, the four are relieved and thank Wadanohara. Wadanohara mentions there is a barrier stone very near where they are, Memoca suggesting the Tosatsu Soldiers were looking for it. The four treasure hunters leave.

Walk downwards.

If you go back to where the path splits and take the second right, there is a treasure chest containing health candies and can be found in the items menu.

Health candies are one of many candies that can improve base stats of the characters; other types will appear later in the game.

Continue downwards, and the lowest path on the screen leads to the barrier stone cave in the Sea of Stars.

Fishies and Jellies with similar stats to those in the cave on Coral Path can be found, except have around 20 more health each.

To reach the barrier stone, go upwards, then continue upwards or go left then upwards (as the path just leads in a circle), then take the second path going upwards.

In the cave, there are three treasure chests. The first can be found by continuing straight after entering the cave, and contains spell candies that can be found in the items menu. The second, on the second screen, can be found by taking the first left and going downwards, and contains morning stars to be equipped. The third, on the third screen, can be found by taking the first path going upwards, and contains spiked shields to be equipped.

The familiars are already waiting outside the barrier stone room; continue upwards. As always, select the stone and ‘yes’. Wadanohara notes how the people of the Sea Kingdom won’t be in danger anymore after they fix the next stone, as it is the last one, but says it still won’t solve the fundamental problem with the Tosatsu Kingdom. Return to the others.

The familiars note the next one is the last one as well before they leave the cave.

The screen cuts to Chlomaki on a rock out at sea. She notes how someone was “born in a troublesome place” and seems to be talking to someone. Someone calls out to her as “Lady” Chlomaki, and Lobco comes out from the sea and lands on one of the rocks besides Chlomaki’s. Chlomaki asks if it’s alright to leave her father’s side, Lobco saying worrying over him isn’t going to do much. She goes on to say she has to do her best for her father, Chlomaki chuckling at this. Chlomaki goes on to say she doesn’t have anything to do and that she’s an outsider, then that “she” is going to decide the fate of the sea, not referring to herself or Lobco. Chlomaki asks why no one is assisting Wadanohara with repairing the barrier stones, and that her and her familiars are working hard to do it; Lobco explains the Great Sorcerer created the stones and the magic surrounding the barriers, and that only those he has approved can be involved, meaning only Wadanoharam his daughter, and her familiars. Whether this applies to any familiars of hers or not is uncertain. Chlomaki asks why Tatsumiya wasn’t helping, as she was managing the barrier before, Lobco saying she didn’t know either.

The four are then seen in the center of Deepsea Town once again. Wadanohara says the last one is behind Sea God Castle, Memoca referencing it the Old Sea and saying it was off-limits. Wadanohara says she hasn’t been there much as well before departing. The player is automatically transferred to the path outside Sea God Castle; go left. It can be noted no music plays here, unlike the other areas.

An assortment of different types of sharks and rays can be seen- these are enemies.

Sharks come in doubles and have around 160 health, and Rays come in triplets and have around 160 each.

After following the path for some time, the area soon darkens and the path is surrounded by red shrines and red orbs in stone statues; the enemies also disappear and eerie music plays. After some time, Memoca notes the creepiness of the area and Dolphi says she’s scared, Wadanohara comforting her by letting her hold her hand. The area is soon formally announced as Old Sea by a text box.

The path to the cave is straightforward at first, but soon breaks into a fork in the road. To get to the cave, go downwards and then continue straight.

If you go downwards instead of continuing straight on the screen after the first fork in the road and go left, there is a treasure chest with awesome auras to be equipped inside.

When inside the cave, the music stops and lacks any sort of enemies, unlike all other caves. To get to the barrier stone, go upwards, continue straight, then take the third path going upwards.

There are three treasure chests in the cave. The first is found after continuing straight after entering the cave and contains abalones to be equipped. The second one, on the second screen, can be found after taking the first path going south and contains chili peppers to be equipped. The third one, on the third screen, can be found after taking the first path going north then to the right, and contains chainsaws to be equipped.

The familiars are already waiting outside the barrier stone room and the player does not need to speak to them. Continue upwards.

Select the stone and ‘yes’, as always. After the stone is fixed, a blue light is omitted from it, most likely signifying the full reparation of the barrier. Wadanohara notes their job is done and seems happy. Return to the others.

The familiars congratulate her and Wadanohara thanks them for their help. Memoca notices Wadanohara doesn’t look excited about being done, and Wadanohara explains just fixing the stones won’t fix the problem with the Tosatsu Kingdom and that they attacked for a reason, saying they might not give up. Memoca says they can’t attack if they can’t get in, and there was nothing to worry about. Fukami suggests they report to Princess Uomi and the others agree, setting off.

The screen cuts to Samekichi on a rock above the sea, telling someone he wouldn’t “let you do this” and looking angry.

The four are next seen before Princess Uomi, Jiiya saying Wadanohara did well.  Memoca asks that they’re sure Samekichi is the one who broke the stones in the first place, Fukami saying “surely” with an ominous expression. Tatsumiya says they will be strengthening defenses to make it didn’t happen again and Helica says she should’ve caught the traitor sooner; Sal remarks they should still worry about the Tosatsu Kingdom. Jiiya tells Wadanohara she deserves rest for her deeds, Wadanohara understanding. Sal asking if she was alright, Wadanohara saying she was, Sal then saying to be confident since they were all safe thanks to her and everyone else chimed in, saying they were grateful as well. The screen fades out.

It isn’t necessary to speak to the others; leave the room and exit the castle.

Outside, Wadanohara says she is glad everything was okay now, the familiars telling her to get plenty of rest. The screen pans up to show the castle and the Cast Pearl before fading out.


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