Weapons can be found or purchsed throughout the game, and increases your Attack stat.

There are two types of weapons : weapons that can be equipped by every characters, and weapons dedicated to a single character.

Here is a list of weapons that can be equipped by a single character :

  • Sea Staff (Wadanohara) :
  • Decent Sea Staff (Wadanohara) : +20 Attack
  • Gull Knife (Memoca) :
  • Decent Gull Knife (Memoca) : +20 Attack
  • Meresword (Dolphi) :
  • Decent Meresword (Dolphi) : +20 Attack
  • Smacktopus (Fukami) :
  • Decent Smacktopus (Fukami) : +20 Attack

Now a list of weapons that can be equipped by everyone :

  • Candy Sword :
  • Meat Hammer : +35 Atttack
  • Morning Star : +40 Attack
  • Chainsaw : +45 Attack

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